The Case So Far

My dad passed away earlier this year. He didn't leave much behind except a couple bags of clothes, two junker cars, and a box of video tapes. [ … ]1
[ … ] Hidden within random TV shows and movies was the strange footage I'm putting up. If you recognize anyone from any of the clips, please email me at moc.liamg|sepat.sdad.ym#moc.liamg|sepat.sdad.ym or call anonymously (860) 578-27372

Following the revelation of these videos the Youtube/Twitter user "MyDadsTapes" has been harassed by a serial killer, Donotcontinue. Donotcontinue has been posing various puzzles and committing murders as My Dad's Tapes tries to discover what his Dad was involved in.

Principle Parties

Others Involved


A map of the My Dad's Tapes locations.

  • Venice Community Housing, 4429 Inglewood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066 Donotcontinue films emergency vehicles here in his video pain is part of order 35≠26ø3
  • Westfield Century City, 10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Donotcontinue stalks two women here in his video Idol Hands ø4
  • The Storage Unit 9327 San Fernando Rd Sun Valley CA, 91352 [citation needed]
  • 200 Park Avenue, New York. A deposit was made (by The Father?) here on 6/18/19935


IRC coordination channel #mdt


October 11th, 1969

  • Paul Stine is murdered by the Zodiac

[ … ]

August 1st, 2011

August 3rd, 2011

August 4th, 2011

August 6th, 2011

August 9th, 2011

August 12th, 2011

September 4th, 2011

  • MDT tweets for the first time and posts a picture of his father.6

September 10th, 2011

  • MDT receives a coded message via email, the email comes from moc.liamg|06d6b3c4b4c3c4d3b1d6c#moc.liamg|06d6b3c4b4c3c4d3b1d6c which mirrors the code.7

September 19th, 2011

  • MDT tweets that he only posts via YouTube and Twitter, mentioning that someone has been posting as him elsewhere.8

September 20th, 2011

  • MDT receives another coded message from the same email address.9

September 22nd, 2011

  • Someone gets a reply from c6d1b3d4c3c4b4c3b6d60 saying "red/white/blue/makes/a/monkey/out/of/you"10
  • beastriker gets 31 replies with the same phrase11
  • iceygray responds "red/white/black/makes/the/bogeyman/attack"12 which gets him 28 replies which introduce the next riddle phrase "close+only+counts". These emails also link to the Uncle Don video and feature a footer saying "Be a better friend, newshousd [sic], and know-it-all with Yahoo! Mobile. [linked] Try it now. 24≠26 ø"

September 25th, 2011

September 26th, 2011

September 28th, 2011.

  • Donotcontinue posts his second video: 25≠26ø with a code which weakandwounded decodes to mean "Every body dies some sooner than later."18 using the same block method as before.

September 29th, 2011

September 30th, 2011

October 1st, 2011

October 2nd, 2011

  • MDT tweets that the person whom someone called about went missing in 1996.26
  • Donotcontinue posts Idol Hands ø. The video cuts between a blond haired woman and an auburn haired woman (Jane Doe #2 and another potential victim, see: The Victims), a cypher link appears: and the cypher decodes to "which one?"27 implying DNC will abduct and kill one of the subjects.

October 3rd, 2011

  • MDT tweets a picture of Donotcontinue's decoded picture message.28, originally solved on 9/30
  • 12:47 weakandwounded says she received hints on the last block cypher from Donotcontinue, at this time DNC's only known methods of communication are youtube and the cypher email address.
  • 21:25 Jabroni discovers that the phrase "The world is out of order." from 10/1's pain is part of order 35≠26ø posting by Donotcontinue corresponds to a tinyurl: which leads to DNC's twitter account!/downthispath29 The profile image for this account is the image of the number 9327 from the lockbox.

October 4, 2011

  • MDT tweets that he received messages from an anonymous remailer.30
  • MDT tweets DoNotContinue's Twitter account.
  • Jono discovers DNC's twitter tagline has changed to "what is the magic word?" (but what was it before?) and theorizes that one ought to say "please" and "thank you" to Donotcontinue31
  • MDT posts the memory card images from The Lockbox Contents

October 5th, 2011

  • MDT posts a "strange" anonymous email he received to Twitter.32 The email comes from an anonymous remailer service, obstructing the senders identity.

October 6th, 2011

  • weakandwounded gets emails she believes to be from Donotcontinue (see: [[weakandwounded]]] for the contents). The footer includes a link: The last character of each line in the first email spells out "I am a god & evey y shall bow before me take that as my word"34. Moreover the email is the first reference to Donotcontinue wanting 100 followers "do others no about me?/when i have 100 followers/thats when things will/get really fun". A guest proposes he means 100 twitter followers.35

October 7th, 2011

  • DNC tweets a code36 which Gnash decodes to mean "I am still watching"37

October 8th, 2011

October 9th, 2011

  • MDT posts a follow up email sequence to the message from October 8th, 2011.41
  • DNC tweets an unsigned image saying "For heavens, sake catch me, before I impersonate more, I cannot control myself"42 a reference to William Heirens, replacing the word "kill" with "impersonate.
  • Donotcontinue posts the video I did it again ø along with a cypher link The cyhper decodes to “I got boeed again D”.43

October 10th, 2011

  • MDT posts a final email, from a confused user who has had their email hacked.44
  • MDT notes that someone is posing as DoNotContinue.45
  • MDT tweets that he does not believe the remailed messages are real.46

October 12th, 2011

October 19th, 2011

October 23rd, 2011

  • MDT askes an anonymous caller to call him again.52

October 26th, 2011

  • MDT notes on Twitter that the storage unit lead nowhere.53

October 29th, 2011

  • MDT posts a video from DoNotContinue.54

October 31, 2011

  • MDT tweets a riddle: "I'm not very good with riddles. If anyone has any ideas: "the first set of triplets. two were identical twins. the other was just odd"55

November 2nd, 2011

  • MDT tweets that there are three storage units at the storage facility registered in his name.56

November 11th, 2011

  • MDT tweets a picture of the storage facility.57

November 13th, 2011

  • MDT tweets a new video from DNC.58

November 20th, 2011

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