The Impostor


Votarist is a narcissist who is intent on obstructing the case. He has delusions of being a character in a game (refer: "Votarist, in his own words").

Votarist, in his own words

"The impostor is a disrespectful name given by the ungrateful Maximus to the character Votarist. The name is loosely based on the character's attributes. However, there is a notable departure here, because no other characters are referred to by their attributes. For example, DNC is never called the murderer and MDT's dad is never called the dead man. Maximus likely chose this name because it is detrimental to the ethos of the Votarist and disparages his adversary with a pejorative nickname. Otherwise, he probably chose it because he envies Votarist so. It could also be a means of taking something away from the guy who humiliated him and who took away his ignorance of his own stupidity through exposure of his stupidity over the internet."

"The votarist may run the game. Or he might not. Or, maybe, fuck you; because fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. Some say that the votarist is a fraud. I prefer clairvoyant psychic detective. How could he be fake when he knows details no one else knows—like the hangman in the classroom?! Oh, right. He is a clairvoyant psychic detective, or maybe he is the post master? Or maybe he is omniscient like God? Maybe he is God?"


October 5th, 2011

  • MDT posts a "strange" anonymous email he received to Twitter.1 The email comes from an anonymous remailer service, obstructing the senders identity.

October 10th, 2011

  • MDT posts a final email, from a confused user who has had their email hacked.2
  • MDT notes that someone is posing as Donotcontinue.3
  • MDT tweets that he does not believe the anonymously remailed messages are real.4

November 20th, 2011

  • Donotcontinue taunts The Impostor in a tweet.5 The picture features what appears to be the first character in the Japanese word for "jealous".6
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