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October 6th, 2011

Do you know how hard it is to keep the world in balance? Do things just happen with not rhyme or reason, for every action there must a reaction. People lazily standing around like drones without appreciating the work that I do. Gods work that has been handed down over the centuries is now in my hands. The responsibility that I have to make sure the world and universe stay in constant balance. Do you or does anyone know how the world works, that every action/reaction must be caused and reacted. Have you ever thought about it? For example, ie, eg, luck. It must always be even. For every winner there must be a loser. For every loser there must be a winner. Winner winner chicken dinner. Say for instance your standing in the shower where you slip but catch yourself before you fall. The world is now out of balance. Someone must fall in your place. The same is true for life and death. You see someone choking and you save that life. If they were supposed to die then someone must take their place. That is my job, to make sure the world is in constant balance. I must forego sleep, eat, food, drink to stay on my toes. If I fail the world will come to a halt. Balance, action, reaction. Anyone that survives some catastrophe, that means that someone else must perish because of it. I did not ask for this power or responsibility but it is there for me to do. If I do not do it you, me, them all will crash and burn. If that happened it would all be my fault. I am constantly working to better the world and keep it on track. That is why I chose who I choose. Pretty prettys with idol hands doing nothing but watching days, weeks, months pass without contributing to the world must perish, must die. Do not worry for when they die they will be reborn in a new and better body. I was once like them. Wasting time, thinking everything was meant for me. That is why I am now punished. One day I will too die by the hands of the one that replaces me. It will then be his/her/maybe your job to kill me. If I fail, see someone live that must not be allowed to, then I will be replaced by someone deserving of this gift and burden.1

warned him once
1ce is enough
my message
received & heard
did not listen
now communic8 thru u
my videos
i am awake
world is embalanced
need to fix
can not sleep
can not eat
can not rest
can not fight
can not
can not
can not
can not
can not
can not
awiting instruction
can not stop
can not stop
can not stop
can not sotp
can not sotp
cnot tstop
look like there is competition
i do not lose
i do not lose
i do not lose
i do not lose
i do not lose
i do not lose

u do not actually believe
i wrote that poem
do u?
it lacks my flair
do not u think so?

i am quite quite quiet
offended he wrote
do not contineu
at the end
as if
he was i
i was him
or her
was it u?
that was my 1st thught
have you evolved
into me?


i must no.
wood u lie?
wood u lay?

i am starting 2 get board
did u watch my last vidyo
entertainting no?

do others no about me?
when i have 100 followers
thats when things will
get really fun

who do u tell
about me?
are there others?
are there mothers?
are there others?

u r my favorite
that is no lie

i went outside today
walked around a bit
there was no sign
that i was doing rite
so i did not do it

i once tried to kill myself
if i died that day
the world wood have
that is when i gnu
i was reborn
& whatever it is i do
the world will follow

i will fix the nation

what wood u like
from me?
shall i create the
unbreakable code
and let you break it?

who talks about me?
do i have followers?

u shun popularity
but want 2 b rite (right/rite/wright/write)
what is it
i can can do 4 u



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